Care of magical creatures

Using the provided clues, fill in the words that fit!

1. The name of this creature comes from spanish and portuguese. It is said to obtain nourishment from sucking the blood of goats.
2. This bird like creature can vanish and reappear much like a wizard apparating.
3. Resembling dead wood this creature occassionally attacks the ankles of humans
4. the chinese name for this creature is a fenghuang
5. to brush this creatures teeth newt scamander had to put his whole head and shoulders in its mouth
6. the young of this creature have to be bottle fed when in captivity and newt scamander had one in his suitcase in 1926
7. with dark or sickly green fur this creature is most resistant to the fire making spell
8. this creature was found in the atlantic ocean and sought to destroy muggle fishing nets
9. a dragon like creature that terrorised the west country of england. It once ate Sir Cadogan's horse
10. a poisonous species with red skin. vulnerable to the verdimillious charm

Created by jill

January 31, 2022

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