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Hedwig’s Haven is bustling with games, events, weekly activities and ongoing things to-do in our Discord! This page is filled with links to the information pages. If you have any questions, just use the contact form in our Discord to send a message to staff!



Unlock badges by earning achievements and reaching membership milestones! As you level up, catch beasts, participate in our Hedwig’s University and play games and events, you’ll earn badges!

Butterbeer at Hogs Head Inn

You can grab a delicious fresh brew of Butterbeer with Hedwig once every 24 hours in our #Hogs Head Discord channel! Doing so gets you a special message from Hedwig with some house points!

Hedwig's University

You’ve officially been accepted to Hedwig’s University! Each weekday enjoy a magical lesson while earning points for your house! Complete it quickly to unlock badges and the most points!

Beast Hunting

Newt Scamander’s suitcase must be empty because we have magical creatures popping up in our discord! Can you help catch them to level up in beast levels, unlock badges and earn house points?

Level Up in Hogwarts Years

You can earn XP by chatting on the server and being active! Every message you send earns you XP and when you rank up, you move up in years at Hogwarts! You can even work your way to Order of Merlin!



Based on Harry Potter terms, our Bingo game is played using digital bingo boards! You can auto-generate or design your own!


Pottergories is our original twist on the classic game of Scattergories! Come up with a unique answer to the host’s category and letter for points!

Hiding Hedwig

Houses compete in this Capture the Banner style game! Each house chooses a HP location to hide their Hedwig while the other houses rush to find them!

Which ___ Am I?

Compete to guess the person or item first based on clues from the host! This can be characters, spells, places, and more!


Houses compete to guess the 10 items that a host has chosen on a particular category – this include a BONUS item!

Quidditch Quest

Each month houses compete to find the snitch and quickly solve and unlock its puzzle! The top seekers earn bonuses for their house!


Nearly daily you can join a live trivia game on our discord! With so many different types of trivia games, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Triwizard Tournament

Each month a week is dedicated to the Triwizard Tournament. Extra-challenging activities are published and houses compete to be the victor!

Black Lake Buried Booty

In this variation of Battleship, compete to find all the items the other team has hidden in the lake! Plus a mystery item hidden by the host!

Hedwig's Hunt

In this scavenger hunt type game, the host will send an item and everyone races to find and take a photo of that item first!


Weekly Puzzle

Every week we have a new challenging puzzle! Complete it in the fastest time for the most points and submit it in #weekly puzzle channel.

Weekly Matching Card Game

Enjoy a new matching game each week! Quickly match the cards up in the fastest time for the most points. All participants score big, too!

Weekly Game

Each week we introduce a brand-new game in our Discord #weekly-game channel to play for points. Help your house while having fun!

Weekly Coloring Contest

Each week is a new coloring contest! We release a coloring page and you show off your skills to earn points for your house.