You've Been Invited to Hedwig's Haven!

Make sure to mention who invited you for them to earn house points!
Hedwig's Haven Website

Hedwig’s Haven is a Facebook Group and Discord Server for adult Potterheads around the world. We play games and build friendships while working with our Hogwarts House to earn points towards the House Cup! With giveaways, live games and so many unique activities, there’s no place more magical on the web!


Our Facebook group is filled with points posts; these small activities include fun quizzes, opinion polls, predictive text prompts, first word you see and so much more. There are also events such as the Triwizard Tournament, Quidditch Quest and our Literary Lookout! By participating in these fun activities, you earn your house points! Don’t forget to use your house heart when you comment!


Our Discord Server is the lifeblood of our group. You can chat in your common rooms or mingle in the great hall or chat in one of the various topic-chats. We have a live game each day such as harry potter trivia, bingo and several original and fun games! There are exclusive weekly activities to earn points for your house as well as a stock market and casino!