Our history, vision and general information.


Hedwig’s Haven is a Harry Potter based fan group that takes place on Facebook and Discord. Designed for adult Potterheads to celebrate their love for the wizarding world while making friends and having fun, it has evolved to be an escape from the muggle-world for many around the world. It was founded on March 29, 2020 by Shalane Hutchins and became public on April 1, 2020.

Shalane enlisted the help of her fellow Hufflepuff, Beatriz and her real-life friend and Slytherin, Ashley. These three women joined forces, laying the foundation for the group you see now.

Today we have grown to a group of around 1,000 Potterheads and continue to grow and evolve, adding new activities, games and events for all.  



Our group could not be possible without the work and dedication of our staff. Minister of Magic is the group leader. Each of our four Hogwarts houses have six staff positions each. They are Founder, Head of House, Professor, Head Boy/ Head Girl, Prefect and Ghost. The top two positions of each house (Founder and Head of House) are the House Admins.

We also have The Order of the Owl, a mini-mod position within our Discord. These are dedicated members who do moderation and assist with games, events and scoring.


    • We are an adult group. 18+
    • There is absolutely no hate-speech of any kind allowed.
    • Be kind and courteous to all.
    • No new accounts on Facebook. Accounts must be at least one year of age and appear to be real.
    • No advertising of any other groups without explicit permission from the Minister.
    • All S4S’s must be approved by the Minister.
    • Games, Events, Trivia and Activities will post their own specific rules and these must be followed.
    • Cheating is a serious offense and will result in banning.
    • Games, activities and trivia answers are based on a pre-determined list of approved sources:
      1. Books (original 7, Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch Through the Ages, Tales of Beedle the Bard)
      2. Movies (8 Harry Potter movies + 2 Fantastic Beasts)
      3. Pottermore/ Wizarding World
      4. HP Fandom Wiki
      5. HP Leixcon
      6. JK Rowling tweets

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, drop your message in the contact form above!

Can I invite a friend to the group?

Of course you may! You can add them by giving them our Facebook link (http://facebook.com/hedwigshaven) or by inviting them through Facebook’s invite tool! You’ll even earn your house points for the referral! Make sure to tell them to answer the questions when they join and say your name in the form!

How do I join staff? What does it take to be a staff member?

If you house currently has a staff opening, it’s an easy process! You must be quite active and be prepared to do at least two points posts per week, score them, host trivia and be available for regular staff meetings. Discord communication nearly daily is expected as well. To apply, fill out an application.

I have an issue with another member, what do I do?

You may reach out to one of the admins of your house (the founder or head of house) or reach out to the Minister of Magic (Shalane) directly. She welcomes DM’s through Discord or Facebook from all members for any reason. You may also fill out the contact form on this page.

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