We have the best members.

Our members are what makes our community such a wonderful place to be. Take it from them.

“Hedwig’s Haven is so warm and welcoming! Other places I always feel like an outsider. Everyone here is so friendly. And the games are amazing! I’m so glad I found this server. It’s the best place on Discord.”

Steffie Marie

steffiemarie. ・ member since june 2023

“It’s like a breath of fresh air within the realm of Discord servers. The atmosphere of the community is warm and inviting.The daily events, delightful bot games, and engaging hosted activities are superbly designed and executed.”


daniielle_・ member since may 2022

“Love love love this server! Been here since the beginning and can truly tell you it’s a super fun place for potter heads alike. We earn points from doing daily/weekly activities such as puzzles, coloring, matching games and more! Our emojis are amazing! Come join you will not regret it!”


ruinedlilyy ・ member since june 2020

“Joined for the emojis, stayed for the community! Hedwig’s Haven has been my favorite place to be on Discord for over two years now. There is always fun stuff and activities going on. I’ve made some great friends here too. Shalane pours her heart and soul into this server and it shows. There’s no better Harry Potter community than this one. Oh, and the emojis really are top tier!”


ivanasymone ・ member since april 2021

“Personally, before finding this group, i was looking for friends and a community in which i can belong. And thats exactly what i have found. I look forward to all the activities and events planned, and have actually created a schedule of this. I look forward to the welcoming nature of most people on here and the fun events planned. Great job on this server! It is very unique and exciting to be on.”


megresss・ member since may 2023

“Covid hit hard emotionally. Having found this group in the middle of the pandemic was a blessing in disguise. I have loved Harry Potter since I was young, so I was extremely please to see an adult-sentric group. Everyone here is amazing and I’m glad to be able to call them friends.”


blackbbelt88 ・ member since august 2020

“This is a great sever full of like minded, friendly people. Lots to do.. trivia, games, activities and always someone awake to chat to (not just about Harry Potter either!) The emojis are super cute and fun to use too.”


jill81 ・ member since May 2020

“Such a great server! So many cool things for everyone. There are games, trivia, giveaways, music channels, and so much more. If you boost the server you’ll have access to even more servers dedicated to emojis. I’ve been here since day one, and it’s such a great group!”


ashyash.xyz・ member since april 2020

“This is such a kind and welcoming environment. I always feel welcome to participate and talk no matter how terrible I might be at an activity or game. This server is also so cool and has so many different things going on everyday I am never bored!.”


noelani89 ・ member since may 2022