Weekly Matching

Play our weekly matching game to earn points for your house!

Weekly Matching Game Info

Our weekly game is posted each Sunday and is open until Saturday night at 8PM EST. When you've played, screenshot it when you are done and initial it. Make sure to include the time and card flips as well as the grey cards in your screenshot. Submit it in the weekly matching game channel on discord.


Just by playing and posting your score one time, you earn 100 points! The fastest times also earn bonuses!

    1. Fastest time earns 600 points!
    2. Second fastest time earns 500 points.
    3. Third fastest time earns 400 points.
    4. Fourth fastest time earns 300 points.
    5. Fifth fastest time earns 200 points.
    6. Runner ups in 6th - 10th place earn a bonus of 50 for a total of 150 points.

Match Game Tips

For our larger weekly match game, using a computer or tablet, such as an ipad, does give you a bit of an advantage as you can fit more cards on your screen and scroll less. If you can zoom out to see more of the screen, you might find yourself saving time.

Submit your matching game.

  • Complete the matching game above. You can keep playing until you get a fast time!
  • Upload a screenshot of at least one row of images, the number of card turns and the time taken, along with your initials, to the matching witch weekly thread.
  • You will earn points for participation! The fastest times earn bonuses!