Magical Creatures are Appearing
in our Discord! Can You Catch Them?

Beast Hunting is an on-going activity in our Discord. Beasts will spawn randomly in a handful of our discord channels. Be the first to reply with the correct creature name to catch it!

Newt Scamander is one incredible Magizoologist and has taken you under his wing! You get to capture the creatures while earning points and DemiGems, the unique currency to move you up in Beast Levels!

    How to play

    Magical creatures will randomly spawn every fifteen Minutes to one hour. When a magical creature appears in one of our discord channels (possible under #great hall, #zonkos, #magical creatures and #hogs head) then quickly capture it! You capture by simply typing the correct name of the creature!

    When you are the first to correctly name the creature, Newt will reply and tag you. He’ll give you a fact about the creature, 25 house points and 1 DemiGem!

    Remember, when naming the beast, you simply type it directly as a message. Only correct spellings of the official creature name will be accepted. For example, it’s not just a dragon, it’s a Antipodean Opaleye.

    If nobody catches the beast, then after ten minutes, the beast will disappear! 


      Everytime you catch a magical creature, you earn a new DemiGem, the special currency to help you rank up in Beast Levels. You can check how many DemiGems you have earned anytime in the #Owlery discord channel by using code: beast demigem


      Every time you catch a creature, you earn points for your house!

        • All catches will receive 25 points for their house.

      Bot Commands

      Use the commands listed to pull up the beast activity information. Please do all commands in the #Owlery discord channel.

      • See your DemiGem count: beast demigems
      • See another user’s DemiGems: beast demigems @user
      • Pull up the server DemiGem Leaderboard: beast leaderboard
      • Pull up the information on beast levels: !beastlevels

        Courtesy Policy

        While we encourage all members to have fun catching and leveling up, we do want to give others a chance. Members should be mindful to not catch too many beasts a day and to give others the chance after they have caught a couple on a day.

        Once you have reached the final beast level (level 8), please refrain from catching unless at least 5 minutes has elapsed.

        If you see a staff member tagging a new member to explain how the beast activity works and providing the answer, please don’t snag the beast.

        Beast Preview

        The following is what a beast spawn will look like: