Grab a Brew with Hedwig

in the Hogs Head Inn!

Butterbeer is available to every member once a day! Hogs Head is a channel on discord where you can virtually grab a brew and points with Hedwig!

Visit the #Hogs Head channel on discord and use bot command !cheers once every 24 hours. A randomized message from Hedwig will give you and your house points!

If you try the command before 24 hours is up, you’ll receive your countdown message.

    Example Messages


    Everytime you are complete the cheers command are are eligable for points, you’ll randomly receive an award amount.

    Points possible are from 15 – 45 per brew!

    How do I know my points are counted?

    When an order member or staff member counts points, they will react with a butterbeer emoji to confirm they have tallied your points!

    Butterbeer Update

    Points are generally tallied every day by a member of the Order or Staff. An announcement post will display the total points earned per house between then and the previous butterbeer point update.