Hedwig’s Hunt

Can you find everything on the list?

Hediwg’s Hunt is a scavenger hunt activity that requires you to photograph an item matching the theme description in your real-life environment. Each player must have a card with their name and house on it, which they must include next to each itemin each photo. When the first word is stated, each player must locate that item, place your card next to it, take picture, and post it. Game play repeats until host has released all 15 items. The house with the most points, in the end, also gets a 100 points bonus for their house.


    • Type: Game
    • Location: On Discord
    • Frequency: Monthly


    • Each photo must include your card with your name and house written on it.
    • Please limit the use of Google/ Internet photos for when you truly do not have an item.


    • First photo: 50 points
    • Second photo: 40 points
    • Third photo: 30 points
    • Fourth photo: 20 points
    • Fifth photo: 10 points