Quidditch Quest

An event where you need to be
quick to catch the snitch!

Quidditch Quest is a 4-day long event that occurs every other term. You and your housemates are on a quest to catch the golden snitch before anyone else does – and solve it’s riddle!

    • This activity is played for 4 days in one week.
    • Staff members will comment a picture of a golden snitch along with a link to a puzzle, a riddle or short activity. You must race to complete it, screenshot it and drop it on the Quidditch Quest announcement post!
    • Posts will only be open for 90 minutes!
    • Each day there will be 2 comments (one between 8am – 12pm Eastern, second between 2pm – 8pm Eastern).


The member(s) who earns the most points for their house during this event will become Team Seeker! They can use the hashtag #TeamSeeker until the start of the next Quidditch Quest! (And maybe unlock a new badge!)


    All participants will earn 50 points for submitting within the 90 minutes!

    Receive Bonus Points for Being in the First Four!

      • First – 200,
      • Second – 150
      • Third – 100 Points
      • Fourth – 75 Points

    What kind of puzzles or activities does a Snitch reveal?

    These are typically pretty easy activities, such a puzzle with a handful of pieces, a quick word search, etc. They usually will take less than two minutes to complete.

    Can I tell my house members I found it?

    Absolutely! When you see the comment – share it with your house so they can go do the Snitch’s puzzle, too!