How well do you know Slytherin Characters?

We've been celebrating Slytherin house all week long at Hedwig's Haven during our March pride month. Let's wrap it up with a quick quiz to test how much Slytherin knowledge you've got! We'll look at facts about some of our favorite characters to love and even more favorite to hate.

Question 1 of 2.

This Slytherin was born on what day?

1. June 5, 1980
2. November 6, 1979
3. September 7, 1979
4. May 4, 1980
Question 2 of 2.

Which Draco's Henchman is which?

Both not so good.

1. Gregory Goyle on Left, Vincent Crabbe on Right
2. Vincent Crabbe on Left, Gregory Goyle on Right

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All 2 questions completed!

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How well do you know Slytherin Characters?

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Written by Shalane

March 12, 2021

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