Our monthly live game

of BINGO with real prizes!

Bingo is a game that takes place once per term. We play the game live in the Bingo Hall, a discord channel that appears just for live games.

Harry Potter characters, spells, terms and more are announced in advance. You will generate your bingo card using the link and save the URL. While playing, you digitially mark your card to follow along.

    How We Play It

    Each game of Bingo will have at least Five Rounds plus a second-chance coverall.

      • E1st Round - Classic Bingo

        Classic Bingo is a 5 letter span in any direction and can use the free space.

      • E2nd Round - Host Choice
      • E3rd Round - Host Choice
      • E4th Round - Host Choice
      • E5th Round - Coverall

        The fourth round will turn into the coverall, so do not clear your cards.

      • 9Second-Chance Coverall

        After the first coverall winner, we’ll continue until we have a second winner.

      Unlock the Bingo Badge

      Unlock the Bingo Badge by winning Bingo!
      A win on any round unlocks this exclusive badge. For more information on our badges, visit the Badge Information Page


      Points are earned based on both participation and for winning a round.

        • All participants will receive 100 points for their house.
        • Bingo winners will receive 400 points for their house!


      Prizes will be awarded to the first winner of each round. Prizes vary but include Nitro subscriptions, gift cards and physical prizes such as t-shirts, stickers, buttons and more.

      If winners live outside of the US, shipping fees may apply.


      We will always have a classic bingo as the first round. Classic bingo is described as 5 spaces in any direction; horizontal, vertical, diagonal and may use the free space.

      We will always have a coverall. Coverall is described as having covered your entire card.

      Hosts may choose their type for rounds 2-4. They will either go with a described definition round or provide a custom image.

      If the host calls a Hardway, that means the 5 spaces cannot use the freespace.