Complete Our Weekly Puzzle

One of our most popular weekly activities is our weekly challenging digitial jigsaw puzzle! With up to 300 pieces, this is no easy task. Everyone has their own best practices, but the compeition sometimes is down to the second!

You earn points just for participating! So even if you aren’t fast, you earn big points just by getting it done!

Speedy puzzle players earn big bonuses and the fastest time unlocks the exclusive Puzzle Badge!

The weekly puzzle is open from Sunday morning until Saturday at 6:30PM EST.

Puzzle Submission

Puzzle screenshot must have the number of pieces, time to complete and your initials for it to count! Submit your screenshot in the #🧩┃weekly・puzzle channel in our Discord server!

Earn Points for Your House

Just completing the puzzle gets you 200 points! If you complete it in one of the fastest times, you earn even more!

  • 1st ・800 Points

    The fastest time earns a total of 800 points!

  • 2nd ・600 Points

    The second fastest time earns a total of 600 points!

  • 3rd ・500 Points

    The third fastest time earns a total of 500 points!

  • 4th ・400 Points

    The fourth fastest time earns a total of 400 points!

  • 5th ・300 Points

    The fifth fastest time earns a total of 300 points!

  • Runner-Ups (6th - 10th)・50 points

    Players in 5th – 10th receive a 50 point bonus, earning 250 points each!