Testing your Potter knowledge
and your speedy fingers!

Trivia is an activity done live a couple times a week and it’s all about Harry Potter and the Wizarding World universe.


We offer trivia in levels. These will be marked when trivia times are scheduled!

    • Common Knowledge Trivia: This is EASY trivia that most Potterheads would know off the top of their heads. Any searching is discouraged.
    • Obscure Trivia: This is more challenging trivia that, while some Potterheads might know it, it might be so obscure you’ll have to be quick to find the answers or study!
    • Blended Trivia: This is a blend of common knowledge and obscure questions (and even emojis or pictures) so be prepared for anything!
    • Emoji Trivia: Every question can be answered with one of our custom Harry Potter emojis (We have 50!) so these tend to be very easy. It’s just about being quick to post that emoji! Such a fun twist to emote first!
    • Picture Trivia: Questions are connected by a picture. Could be a picture of a wand and you need to say who’s or it could be a picture of a person and you need to present their birthdates. Hosts have unlimited opportunities!


    Trivia will be schedule at the start of the week (or even further in advance) and be updated on the calendar.

      • In order to play, you must be in our group Discord chat. Please make sure you’ve joined!
      • Each game of trivia is hosted by one Staff member. They will post the rules in the trivia channel before the start of each game. They will have 10-20 questions in their games.
      • The Staff Host will announce each question. Once a host has announced an upcoming question, there should be no messages except for answers.
      • The first correct (free of spelling answers and complete) will earn their house points.
      • We require first and last names and full-written names of things whenever possible. Only canon nicknames and abbreviations are allowed. (For example, you might use Madam Hooch or DADA. If it’s not canon-used, it must be fully written.)
      • If you have any concerns about if trivia was correct, please send a direct message in discord to Shalane Hutchins, Samantha Smith or a member of your house staff.
      • Ultimately, the Staff Host will usually have the say in correct answers.


        At the end of a term, we award the group member who earned the most points for their house playing trivia!

          • They earn the trivia champion badge!
          • They earn their house a bonus 300 points!


            Unlock the exclusive Triva Champ by earning the title of Trivia Champ!
            Trivia Champ is awarded to the member with the most first-place answers in an entire term! For more information on our badges, visit the Badge Information Page.

            HOUSE POINTS

            Not only is trivia tons of fun, but you earn points for your house while you play!

              • The first complete and correct answer (according to the host) will earn their house 25 points!
              • The second and third correct answers earn their house 10 points!


            All trivia is based on books unless otherwise specifiied. Sources to create questions come from our list of approved sources.

            1. Books (original 7, Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch Through the Ages, Tales of Beedle the Bard)
            2. Movies (8 Harry Potter movies + 2 Fantastic Beasts)
            3. Pottermore/ Wizarding World
            4. HP Fandom Wiki
            5. HP Leixcon
            6. JK Rowling tweets


            We require everyone to stay positive. Mistakes happen and we have to remember to be supportive of each other and our host. If you have a question or notice a potential issue, please mention it after the game to a member of your house staff.

            Anyone being arguementative will be asked to leave. Repeat offenses will have you kicked from the group.