Triwizard Tournament

A Monthly Event
of Five Challenges!

The Triwizard Tournament is a 5-Day event that can earn your house a lot of points while having a lot of fun!

Each day a new task is posted that is more challenging than your standard post points. In addition to it being worth more points for everyone who participates, the first few who correctly complete it get bonus points!

When the TWT is announced, all five days are scheduled with times posted!

    How We Play It

    • EEach post is open for two days (48 hours) to give every house a chance to score those extra points!
    • EPost directions must be followed exactly.
    • EIf answer needs to be typed up, use a piece of paper and take an image, use a note app and screenshot, etc. Don't type the answer directly as a comment.
    • EAll images or screenshots, including those of text, must be initialed!
    • ENo edits to your answers. Missing or incorrect comments will need to be deleted and re-commented.

    Unlock the Triwizard Champion Badge

    The top champion after all 5 days will receive an additional 200 points for their house and receive the TWT Champion Badge.

    For more information on our badges, visit the Badge Information Page.


    Extra-challenging posts earn you extra points!

    • First to Correctly Answer: 300 Points
    • Second to Correctly Answer: 250 Points
    • Third to Correctly Answer: 200 Points
    • Fourth to Correctly Answer: 150 Points
    • Everyone to Correctly Answer: 100 Points


    Our staff come up with lots of different activities, but we certainly have our favorites during the Triwizard Tournament.

    • Jigsaw Puzzles with 150-175 pieces!
    • Big Wordsearches
    • Big Crosswords
    • Logic Puzzles
    • Extra-Challenging Trivia
    • Riddles
    • Escape-Room style Quizzes
    • Coded Messages
    • Matching Card Games
    • A Combination of Smaller Activities
    • Sorting Lists (such as a timeline)
    • & more!